deckard985 asked:

I was just saying that because that huge Oberst blog says that she has the proof someone mentioned earlier, and you would be a legit witness. Im sure she is interested in your blog, and "suing" you, she got alot of attention, even from Oberst! Even from your basic account of that time you sound more credible. You should try to find that stub, just because im interested in seeing it. I actuoly have been to the Cats Cradle a few times, thats the venue right? Im seeing NMH there feb 2

That was the venue! My scrapbook is in a closet in a box, so I’ll dig it out tomorrow night and see if I have it. Yeah, I took the 300 bucks I would have spent on a prom dress and tickets and whatever and drove myself south. Now, I can use that as proof I was at the same place and same time, but the issue now is that she changed the concert to a desa one vs a bright eyes one, and I didn’t attend that one, also the year that it happened and her age. I could probably go into more details, I can vaguely describe the venue, I know that one of the people I visited with after the show wasn’t feeling well, and he was sweet enough to come out tell me hi and they loved me…. I have people who know who I am and can confirm that I was there…. I would never put them in a position to unless it was legally required because I don’t think they would want to be involved.

deckard985 asked:

I read over your story again, 3 times. The difference between you and her is in your witness details. It really is stuff no one would just make up, and honestly probably could not make up. I really suggest you contact Saddle Creek, they always respond, i have mailed them 5 times in the past. Or figure out his publicists #, and say you were there with her that night. You love music, so i bet you saved the stub? maybe? I know you are not wanting drama, but you are a witness, 100 percent.

I might have the stub I can’t remember if I got an actual ticket or just paid at the door! ( I drove 7.5 hours to get there! I remember I got pulled over on the way home bc my headlight was out.. and then taking off my shoe and smacking the headlight, it came on and I think the cop thought I was crazy! Lol ) I gave a scrapbook full of stubs so I might have it…I’ll check it out. I might have to do a little more to reach out than I already have. I don’t know if he really needs me at this point unless he went through with a libel suit, which I would be more than happy to cooperate with. Also I think people assume when I was mentioning me being sued it was from him, but I heard that she was going to consult her lawyers about me. As I said and will remain to say, the truth will prevail, it all depends on how long it will take.


If any one of you ever need a friend or someone to talk to send me your email, I’ll reply. Especially those of you who are sending me messages you want to keep private. I would love to reply and get to know all of you. Thank you for sharing! I do care, I genuinely love to meet and get to know new people!

to all you STRONG & BEAUTIFUL women and men…

Thank you for all sharing your words of kindness and support. I also wanted to thank you for having the strength to share your stories with me. I hope you all are in a place of peace, and if you’re not I hope you find it. I was in a dark place for years, I was literally crazy because I never processed or dealt with what happened even though I talked about it. Mediate, write a letter and burn it, see a therapist (they are amazing if you find the right one)….do what it takes for you to heal. If you’re struggling with yourself, start a journal, write down each day 3 things you love about yourself, and do it each day. Even the weird things. You will start to believe you are the wonderful person everyone else sees you to be. No one can take the past away, but you can control your future. Xoxo

cr3r asked:

Ok so clearly you know her, and I don't, but when I read her story it just did not add up. I mean, the dates didn't add up to me, and now she's changed her story some. As a rape victim, I know that you don't forget details like that. I never discount victim stories, because of my past, but her story just made less and less sense the more digging I did. Although I believe she's a victim of rape, I don't believe it was Conor. Everyone seems so ready to jump on her side without checking anything.

I’m so sorry about what you went through, and I hope you’re in a place of peace. I haven’t been in contact with this person in years, so I can’t say what has happened over that timeframe. I do though know what I had been told and the events that were referenced, and that those events were real, but ended up being used and twisted in a horrible context to make up malicious accusations. I just hope that she figures out that shit that you do on the internet can harm people’s lives and gets the professional help from someone to heal herself.

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didn't the girl claim that she got the year wrong and it was in fact her 15th birthday and in 2002 the show she was referring to played by desaparecidos in january not the original 2003 one for her 16th birthday?

I honestly don’t know because I haven’t been following all the rehashing of the situation because now that everyone was questioning her she changed her story. I was raped. I was drugged that night, so I don’t know the details of the actual act, but I remember month, year, how old I was, what I was wearing, the people who were at the party, that my friend broke her nose, how my rapist ended up at the party in the first place. So, I know people deal with trauma in different ways, but I find it hard to trust someone who’s changed their story multiple times. Like I said, I knew her pretty well back then, and I knew secrets of hers and she of mine. In that point if time she was obsessed with bright eyes and desa, and if it were me I would be sick to my stomach if I went through that and heard their music.just like I am when I see a t shirt with a buddah on it that said rub my belly for good luck…..which is what my rapist wore that night.

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I'm not trying to doubt what you're saying because I'd be the happiest person on earth if this was proven false but are you aware she claims she found proof and another blogger who is not at all known for lying has said they've seen this proof for themselves? Your blog has given me hope though, and not just for Conor's image but the idea it's possible she wasn't raped.

Proof of what? That there was a show that night? Or are there photos/video/old crusty panties from that night with his sperm on them? I mean, I know I don’t have concrete evidence (sadly my aim chat transcripts are on a computer long dead and forgotten). I mean there isn’t really any hard evidence one way or another. Even in my case. I get that people are skeptical of my claims, and I would expect you guys to be. Seriously though if you have anything you want to ask for I can dig around and see if I can provide it for you.