If you wanna know the truth….

Since no one has done any fact checking other than a couple of people, let me start by saying Desaparecidos only had one show in 2003, which was the Cursive release show for The Ugly Organ at Sokol Auditorium. I was there, so I know for sure it didn’t happen that night! But, other than that let’s get to the story I am going to tell about a girl who is delusional, manipulative and full of lies.

So about 11 years ago, I met this boy online named “Zac” in yahoo chat. He was an emo kid from Omaha who was obsessed with saddle creek bands and became friends with all the people in our little chat community. Zac and I became fast friends and we talked every day. He also knew Conor and Matt Oberst. He spoke of these two, knew a lot about Matt especially. In August of 2002 I was going to Omaha to see Desaparecidos at Sokol. He was excited and couldn’t wait to meet and go to the show, until about a week or less before I was going to go. All of a sudden, he committed suicide. I found out via his best friend who lived in Durham, NC and for the sake of this story b/c I don’t wanna out her to anyone but Conor she will be named “J”. As I was stricken with grief, things were off about the whole thing. This person talked like Zac, had similar stories, and I figured it out they were the same person. She was younger than I was and had a lot of issues, so I kept talking to her because I felt bad. So she and I talked a lot about Matt Oberst, and how he saved her and was a big brother to her, how much she was in love with him, how he “hit on her” and I honestly think that she thought he was in love with her. I get it. I was young once and in love with an older guy and thought it was all sunshine and rainbows, so I didn’t think much of it.

She also told me about a time, which I think it wasn’t her 16th bday or at a show, in her version it was in the classroom when he came to visit Matt, that he sang happy birthday to her.

At the show in question in 2003, it was actually a Bright Eyes show, and I was there. I skipped my prom to see Bright Eyes and Sorry About Dresden was playing, and drove from out of town to come to NC because it would probably be the only time ever I would get to see Dresden. (It was) She and I made plans to meet, and we did, she was there with her best friend M, and  her boyfriend X. She introduced me to Matt Oberst, and I actually know members who play with the Bright Eyes touring band, so I hung out after the show with them. If I remember correctly, she left before I did….even if she didn’t she came and left with her BOYFRIEND, who rode in the same car as she did.

All these details will make me known to the “victim” and I am not afraid of hiding. I don’t have any notions of privacy, and if you want to know anything, ask me. I may have things said about me that are probably mostly true, because I was once a dumb 18 year old myself and have no problem telling the truth. The reason why I am writing this, is because as a VICTIM OF RAPE myself, I don’t take accusations lightly, and always believe the victim, but in this case, this person (who has been called out by name, but I will not be doing this) has a history of lying and manipulating people online, so I want the truth to be known.

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